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Product Name:TJ flap wheel with shaft Model:TJYL Product Overview: TJ flap wheel with shaft is an excellent polishing tool. SkypeSkype: AbrasivesMall
Product Describe TJ flap wheel with shaft is made from a professional abrasives materials. TJ flap wheel can be usde to polishing the inner holes of wood workpieces and the bending surface of steel materials. Through testing
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with other common flap wheel, TJ flap wheel  of polishing useful time is longer than the others flap wheel.   In additon, the maxmum speed of TJ flap wheel is 65m/s. Its grits range is from 60#to 320. Also, TJ flap wheel can be emploied by the various abrasive materails , such as brown aluminum oxide , Black Hermes Replica Handbags silicon cabide and Zirconia materials. The OEM is welcomed .