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Product Name:72P/ Flap discs Model:TXMP/72P Product Overview: 72p/Buffing flap discs for steel SkypeSkype: AbrasivesMall
Product Describe

72/P buffing flap discs is a very propular grinding and grinding and polishing tool within many industries, such as mechinical processing , Shipbuilding and the surface derusting of some naked iron. This is becasue, this buffing tool is seafty and its can subsitute bonded abrasives wheel for grinding and polishing.

---72P/ discs of Brown AA Grits range: 60#;80#;...320# 400# and Zirconia AA: 60#---150#.

--- Providing different quality level of prices;

--- it adopted the professional brown and Zirconia abrasives materials  to make polishing flap discs so that  its grinding and buffing of service time is the longer than other common flap discs.

--- Sizes: Dia-100mm; Thickness:6mm; Bore: 16 mm.

--- providing different size and OEM is welcomed.